Welcome to Brushy Creek

Transforming Lives Through Equine Therapy


It all began with a Vision.
Brushy Creek Owner and Executive Director, Steve Claybourn, Vietnam Veteran, Entrepreneur, Businessman, and Student of the School of Hard Knocks, wanted to find a better way to help and heal the Walking Wounded. He realized that:

✔ With discipline, punishment isn’t necessary;
✔ You teach what is appropriate;
✔ You discourage what’s inappropriate;
✔ Not by making the inappropriate impossible, but by making it difficult;

If you make the wrong choice impossible, you’re making war.

Our Mission:
To provide hands on support for service men and women, at risk youth, and others seeking help through our equine therapy program that provides horseback riding and ground lessons, equine care and horse management training to transform lives.

By flipping the normal script on therapy, Steve and his team at Brushy Creek have created a
Learning & Healing Reserve whose mission is to Transform Lives through Equine Therapy.
We accomplish this by:

✔ Educating on Equine Therapy & Horsemanship
✔ Instilling Pride in community
✔ Relaxing into Horse Sense for Healing.

Brushy Creek Reserve provides an environment where you can focus on you and how you want to present yourself to the world.

You seek to be authentic and the horse will show you that your mood and attitude will be reflected in the horses’ behavior