Welcome to Brushy Creek

Transforming Lives Through Equine Therapy


If you served anytime in the Military or have family or friends who did or are currently enlisted, you realize the toll it’s takes on the psyche and soul.
Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), physical, emotion or psychological injuries, and those not aware of what has happened to them, can seek solace at Brushy Creek Reserve.

We provide equine-assisted learning to veterans who have sustained service-related emotional or physical injuries. Some of the available services are grooming,
groundwork, horseback riding, and even advanced horsemanship classes.

“1 in 4 veterans shows signs of emotional issues and 1 in 10 veterans is physically disabled.”

At Brushy Creek, veterans can feel at home and welcome. One of the main struggles we hear about is veterans not feeling like they belong or that
they “lost” their family after separating from the military. We offer a new and supportive family that they can utilize to rebuild their lives in the
civilian world.