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Troubled Teen Warning Signs and Risk Factors
Is your teen dealing with behavioral or emotional problems beyond the scope of what most teenagers deal with?
Are they in trouble with the court system?

Every teen will have struggles, but it is your job as a parent or guardian to determine if the issues your teen is facing have reached a point where intervention is
necessary. Try not to compare your teen to others, but rather assess based on what you know of your child if they are acting in a way that is putting
themselves and/or those around them at risk.

Warning Signs
o Extreme Moods
o Unexplained access to large sums of money
o Unhealthy obsession with new group of friends
o Self-Harm
o Consistent dishonesty
o No remorse for actions
Indicating Factors of Behavior:
o Previous victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, or bulling
o History of violence or anger
o Stressful home life
o Substance abuse.
Perhaps you have tried other therapy modalities to no avail. Equine Therapy may assist you and your tee, in the healing process.